Marangor, also known as the City of Dragons, was a fortress-city and the capital of the empire of Skelkor on Laerakond.[1]


Marangor was ruled by the Empress Dragon Gauwervyndhal since many centuries before the Spellplague.[2]


The bulk of Marangor's population was composed by humanoid slaves, most of them dragonborn, halflings and humans, with a minority of genasi. Dragons composed the higher caste, but only few lived in the city. As of 1479 DR, only 800 adult dragons and 400 wyrmlings lived in Marangor.[1]


The city was built by dragonborn slaves, who expanded it over the years. It was a fortress the size of a mountain with concentric stone walls rising in the center to provide its dragon inhabitants with well protected lairs.[1]

In the subterranean levels of the fortress was located the Clutch Nursery, a network of caves where the children of Gauwervyndhal born and struggled to reach adulthood, and the caves that Gauwervyndhal used as her hoard vaults.[1]


During the Wailing Years, many dragonborn clans rebelled after having found enough quantities of dragonbane amber to kill many dragons. Thanks to the warnings of her rathrea, Gauwervyndhal was aware of this rebellion beforehand, and fled to safer lands with a few of her dragon servants when the rebels invaded Marangor and took over the city. When the dragonborn rebels had expended all their dragonbane amber, Gauwervyndhal returned to Marangor, destroyed the rebellion, and reconquered her city.[1]



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