Marco Volo - Journey is the second volume of the Marco Volo trilogy, designed for four to eight player characters of 6th-8th level. This free-wheeling adventure began in Waterdeep as the characters set out on an intrigue-laden journey to Shadowdale. Accompanying them is Marcus Wands (known as "Marco Volo"), a bothersome but likeable rogue.

After leaving the Way Inn, the party heads for the Chauntean Monastery near Berdusk, where they have been promised safe shelter. Arriving at the monastery, all seems pastoral and pleasant... but of course, things are never quite that simple.

After escaping from the monastery, the PCs run afoul of King Azoun's Purple Dragons on the lookout for the infamous thief, Marco Volo. Only the timely intervention of a band of wandering entertainers enables the party to continue on its way.

While on the road with Heino's Woodland Troupe, the characters learn the joys of being in a traveling repertory company, performing for a different audience each night. In the course of the adventure, the PCs also learn more about Marcus and his secrets - some of his secrets, anyway. There's still the matter of the mysterious letter, and that powerful artifact from another plane, the Dragonking's Eye.

The adventure ends with Shadowdale in sight not to be reached, however, without a final confrontation with the notorious mage-assassin Felibarr Blacklance.

This volume of the Marco Volo trilogy offers DMs the opportunity to run unusual encounters, and it calls for considerable role playing from all. Player characters cannot easily rely on their swords and spells to get them out of the brawls and misunderstandings that arise. What results is a dramatic but picaresque enterprise as the adventure continues!

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