Marek Rymüt was a Red Wizard of Thay who operated in Innarlith in the mid–14th century DR.[citation needed]


Early LifeEdit

Marek was raised in a wealthy household in the city of Nethjet in Thay[1] and recruited into the Red Wizards while he was young. He learned to be a mage and excelled in enchantment magic.[citation needed]

While still in Thay, he was sent on a mission with other Red Wizards to confront a tribe of lizardmen in Thayan territory who had failed to pay their taxes to Thay. Marek and his comrades battled the lizardmen in a swamp and were eventually confronted by the leader of the tribe, a black dragon wyrm named Insithryllax. Insithryllax killed Marek's companions before he used a charm monster spell to successfully charm the dragon.[citation needed]

He returned to civilization again around 1336 DR with Insithryllax enthralled by him.[2]

He kept Insithryllax with him for many years. Eventually, the charm spell wore off, but the two became friends without the use of magic and Insithryllax accompanied Marek for decades[3].


Marek was sent by the Red Wizards to Innarlith, a city on the Lake of Steam, to serve as their agent in the year 1340 DR. Insithryllax, who was still enthralled at the time, came to Innarlith with him.[4] His niece Halina joined him at a later point.[5]

In Innarlith, he posed as a self-employed mage who sold magical items to clients, while hiding his allegiance to the Red Wizards. He developed connections with the city's elite, through which he gained information and secrets.[6]

His niece Helena developed a romantic affair with Willem Korvan, a chief servant of the city's master builder who supplied her with information about the city's important building projects.[7]

He also helped foment social unrest among the poor of the fourth quarter of Innarlith. On occasion, he also secretly murdered rival mages and caused destruction for people who refused to become his clients. He made sure that all magic trade in Innarlith was controlled by him or it was put to an end. [8]

He developed a project to breed mutant offspring of Insithryllax and female firedrakes, which he called "black firedrakes", in order to gift them to others to win influence with them.[9] He started a nursery to breed and raise them underneath the city of Innarlith, but he ran into troubles when he had difficulties getting enough food to feed them.[10] Some of the black firedrakes found a way to escape from the nursery to the surface, where they caused destruction through the city before being either killed by the city guard or subtly teleported back to the nursery by Marek.[11]

Afterward, Marek hatched a plan whereby he carved out a small piece of Fury's Heart to form a new pocket dimension he called the Land of One Hundred and Thirteen, because of the number of days it took to pacify it. He made this pocket dimension into a new nursery for the black firedrakes.[12]





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