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Marels were a subrace of evil aquatic elven race that worshiped Umberlee.[2]


These pale skin elves had blackish-green hair and green eyes which had an phosphorescent glow.[3] They were otherwise identical to aquatic elves.[1]


Marels wore armor made of shells. They primarily fought with tridents, spears, and nets, and often adorned them with the spines of rare and poisonous aquatic plants. Marel spellcasters would often attempt to dispel the magic that allowed surface-dwellers to breathe underwater, delighting in watching them drown.[1]


Marel were normal aquatic elves until they refused to help the human city of Northkeep in 400 DR and were punished by the gods, transforming them into marel.[3][1]



The only marel city was Mareliar.[3] Marel buildings were elaborately carved from deep-water corals.[3] In 1367 DR[4], the population was around 2,000 marels, including around 500 children. It was ruled by King Uhlmor and Queen Oaleah. The city had two portals, one that led to the Elemental Plane of Water and one that led to Umberlee's realm, which at the time was a layer of the Abyss.[3]


Marels were compelled to guard the sunken city of Northkeep, but hated this duty and in particular despised the ever-ringing bells of the high tower as it reminded them of their failure. They tried in vain to silence the bells whenever they could.[1]

Marels enjoyed crawling aboard ships in the dark of night and silently killing the crew,[1] sometimes leaving a few members alive to spread fearful stories.[3] They were sometimes called "sea drow," although there was no relation to true drow.[3][1]

Magic & Religion

Following the sinking of Northkeep, the marels turned their worship to Umberlee instead of Deep Sashelas or the Seldarine.[3][1] Eight was a sacred number to them.[3]

Unlike other aquatic elves, marels had the usual ratio of mages for elven races.[3]


Marels did not cooperate with other evil aquatic races, preferring to be left alone. They also hated surface elves.[3]

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