Mari Agneh was the former tharchion of Priador,[1] a region and town of Thay.


Mari was deposed by the zulkir Aznar Thrul, who then proclaimed himself tharchion of Priador. Mari appealed to Szass Tam and his allied zulkirs to help her keep her position, but they declined. When Thrul learned of her petition, he took her prisoner to abuse as his slave and sexual plaything.[1]

The blood fiend Tsagoth was sent to find her. When he did, he transformed her into a blood fiend–like creature[2] and convinced her to slay Aznar Thrul. During his next attempt at abusing her, Mari revealed her new identity to Thrul[3] and turned into a savage being without conscience.[4] She killed Thrul[5] only to be slain shortly after by the tharchion's Red Wizards.[6]


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