Mari Al'maren was a Harper bard.[1]


Mari was quick to laugh and to anger but also sarcastic like Caledan Caldorien. She treated people like they treated her, with calm and patience if they were kind to her, and with rudeness if were bad to her. Mari had found a purpose in life in the Harpers.[1]


Mari was born in Elturel and was raised by a Harper bard.

In 1363 DR, on one of her first missions as a Harper, she met Caledan Caldorien in Iriaebor just after a Zhentarim army led by Ravendas had conquered the place and captured Caledan's son Kellen Caldorien. With the help of Caledan and his friends from the Dreaming Dragon party, Mari managed to defeat Ravendas, who was summoning the Shadowking. Caledan destroyed the Shadowking using his shadow magic.[2]

In 1364 DR, a new Shadowking started growing inside Caledan, who disappeared. Mari and the Dreaming Dragon party managed to find him and defeated the Shadowking again without consequence to Caledan. Afterward, Mari decided to form a family with Caledan and Kellen.[1]



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