Mariliths (pronounced: /ˈmɑːrrəlɪθzMAR-ruh-lithz[6]), also known as type V demons,[4] were a type of powerful tanar'ri demon.[3]

Mariliths were the tacticians of Abyssal hordes and queens of the Abyssal realms. They served as the generals and advisors to the demon lords of the Abyss. They sought strategies that brought the most destruction in whatever realm they were in.[3]


Balor and marilith

A balor (left) and a marilith.

Mariliths appeared from the waist up as humanoid women with six arms. From the waist down, they appeared to have the body of a giant snake. They were seen as quite beautiful and flaunted it, wearing only jewelry on their nude torsos and arms. Mariliths stood around 9 feet tall and measured 20 feet from head to tip of tail. They weighed 4,000 pounds.[3]


Mariliths were very intelligent and served as talented generals and tacticians.[3] They were proud of their martial skills and often kept the weapons of their defeated foes as trophies.[2]


Passage dawnCoverArt byToddLockwood

Drizzt Do'Urden battles a marilith.

Mariliths eagerly joined melee combat given the chance. They carefully sized up the situation first and plotted to use any terrain and vulnerabilities to their advantage. They could attack with a weapon in each of their six hands, typically longswords or scimitars. Their tail was capable of moving like a whip or a constrictor. Mariliths could also cast illusionary and charm spells, as well as gating in other tanar'ri.[3]


In 1373 DR, three mariliths known as the "Triumvirate" served under Kaanyr Vhok, the leader of the Scoured Legion of Hellgate Keep. One of those mariliths was Vhok's mother, Mulvassys the Sceptered.[7][8]

In 1385 DR, the marilith Vhissilka, who served the balor Axithar, was trapped when the death of Mystra tore away a chunk of the Blood Rift. With the help of the cambion Kaanyr Vhok, Vhissilka was able to return to Axithar to wage war upon the House of the Triad.[9]

In 14851486 DR, mariliths were among the demons that wandered the streets of Menzoberranzan and participated in the failed defense of Q'Xorlarrin against the dwarves. The great Marilith, for whom all mariliths were named, was among them. She allowed Malagdorl Del'Armgo to slay and banish her back to Abyss, but Gromph Baenre resummoned her days later, making a fool out of Malagdorl for claiming he'd defeated her. She was subsequently sent to fight against the dwarves at Q'Xorlarrin. She was confronted by Drizzt Do'Urden, who disabled her. Bruenor Battlehammer placed the final stroke that slew her and banished her.[10]

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Monster Manual 4e - Marilith, mazzodemon, vrock - p57 - Sam Wood

A marilith (left) with a mezzodemon and vrock.


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