Mark of the outcast was a necromancy spell that marked a person.[1][2]


A mark of the outcast was placed on the upper region of the target, either the face or, if the target lacked one somewhere on the upper body. This mark could be seen by visual means, including darkvision and low-light vision.[1][2]

A person so marked had problems when engaging in conversations, specifically people had a harder time believing the target's lies or just becoming convinced of the target's arguments. The marked target had also a harder time dodging blows.[1][2]

Ending the effect by means of dispelling was impossible. However, there were other, albeit more powerful, means to get rid of it, namely the break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, remove curse, and wish.[1][2]


Mark of the outcast required somatic and verbal components and a divine focus.[1][2]


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