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Markeen, or “genie doubles,” were a lesser form of genie that were isolated from most of their kind. At birth, these creatures were cursed to resemble exactly a human from Zakhara. Other than their looks, markeen did not share any kind of bond with their human counterpart other than both were born at the exact same moment. Markeen were typically only the genie doubles of famous or infamous humans.[1]

Most true genies ignored the markeen, considering them to be vulgar creatures who were not worth their time.[2]

Since markeen lacked the inherent magical abilities of genies, sha'irs had no power over them.[2]


Markeen resembled humans in every aspect.[1]


Markeen could use the following spells once per day: flame blade, dust devil, invisibility, and gust of wind. [1]

Though they rarely used the ability around humans, all markeen could fly.[1]


Markeen formed secret societies among humans.[1]

Markeen went through several rituals as they grew older. The first was a search for their human counterpart. This trip could last up to a year, and even if the markeen never found their human, it showed the elders their willingness to expand their horizons. During a ritual of memory, older markeen would relate the story of how the original markeen were cast out by genie-kind. These stories were often over embellished.[1]

A special group of markeen, called hayan, were the doubles of bards and poets. If hayan found their human then the human was inspired to write immortal poetry or song.[1]


Markeen avoided other genies, preferring to live and trade with humans. They would go to great lengths to silence anyone who learned their true nature.[1]



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