Marlandro Gaelkur was a shopkeeper in Red Larch and a member of the Believers during the Elemental Evil crisis in 1491 DR.[1]


Marlandro ran a barber shop and a shop of used tools. He also managed a counterfeiting business and sometimes bought shady items with no questions asked. He was one of the Believers.[1]


Once Marlandro was an assistant jeweler in Baldur's Gate.

In 1491 DR, one of his clients, Larmon Greenboot, told and retold a story about mysterious freshly dug graves in the Sumber Hills.[2] That same year, under secret suggestions from Larrakh of the Cult of Black Earth, Marlandro, along with Ilmeth Waelvur and Albaeri Mellikho, killed some people in order to protect the secret of the Believers. Discovered his crimes by some adventurers Marlandro, fearing Ilmeth's confession, tried to escape the town[3]




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