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Marlin Stormserpent was a young noble from Suzail and the only surviving male member of his family.[1]


In 1479 DR, Marlin schemed with Manshoon, whom he thought was a palace courtier named Lothrae, to acquire as many of the artifacts of The Nine as possible. The spirits of several of The Nine were bound to objects and could be called forth by the objects' owner to do his bidding. The Stormserpent family owned the Flying Blade and Marlin's older brother had stolen the Wyverntongue Chalice as a drunken prank and hid it in the Chamber of Wyms Ascending in the palace.[1]

Marlin retrieved the chalice from the palace with the help of his hirelings and, when he had possession of both items, called forth the spirits of Treth Halonter and Relve Langral and ordered them to kill a rival noble. The two spirits cut a bloody swath through Suzail much to the amusement of Manshoon.[citation needed]

Marlin fled Suzail when the War Wizards discovered he was the noble controlling the Blueflame ghosts. He was slain by Cymmarraa at a hunting lodge and she took his Blueflame relics.[2]


Marlin owned two of the relics of The Nine: the Flying Blade and the Wyverntongue Chalice. He had a pet stirge named Thirsty, which he trained for combat, but poor Thirsty was killed by Palace guards.[1]


He was the son of Narmitra Stormserpent.[2]