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Marlos Urnrayle was the Prophet of Earth and the leader of the Cult of the Black Earth.


He was genteel and well-spoken, but took pleasure in mocking others and could be driven to fits of blind, unreasoning jealousy.


He wielded a magical war pick known as Ironfang.


Marlos was born into a wealthy Cormyrean family, but squandered his family's wealth on indulgence and luxury. His estate became known for the most depraved forms of entertainment, as well as outrageous masquerades—Marlos's vanity led him to require all guests to don hideous masks to ensure that none would be more beautiful than himself.

As he got older, he sought to preserve his youth and looks with magic, eventually finding a ring containing the stolen vitality of a fey creature. So long as he wore the ring, his imperfections vanished and none could resist his charms. One day, however, the ring suddenly transformed Marlos into a medusa. Driven mad by his fate, he fled his family's home with his mask collection.

Marlos wandered from one ruined estate to another for several years, until he began to receive visions leading him to a ruined monastery within the Sumber Hills. There, a hidden stairway led him to a cavern in which he found a magical war pick named Ironfang imbued with the power of the primordial Ogrémoch, Prince of Evil Earth. When he claimed it, he saw his purpose with sudden clarity. Becoming a devout follower of Ogrémoch, he began gathering followers into the Cult of the Black Earth.

In 1491 DR, the medusa made a pact with Xharva Deem, a dao, in order to use her skills to manage the Black Earth cult's forge.[3]