Marlowe was a nobleman living in the desolate village of Amkethran in Tethyr.


He was once a merchant of Calimshan who desired wealth. He sought out the lich Vongoethe and struck a bargain with him: if Marlowe was given wealth and fortune, Marlowe would give Vongoethe his soul after a designated time. But Marlowe, fearing for his life, fled with his daughter, Malla, after his wife's death at Vongoethe's order. The lich chased him all the way to Amkethran. Marlowe, immediately told the monks about him, who sealed the lich in a cavern, that served as the village's graveyard. He paid the guard of the cavern the little money he had left.[1]

Gorion's Ward may have met Marlowe in the tavern in Amkethran, where Marlowe asked them to meet him in his house atop the cliff. Marlowe tried to persuade the Gorion's Ward to kill Vongoethe, who had Marlowe's daughter's soul in his possession.[1]




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