Marod el Arhapan was the Pasha of Calimport in 1479 DR. His favorite pastime was staging gladiatorial games in his arena, an activity he preferred to actually ruling Calimport. The Pasha had a lavish floating palace that floated high above the arena.[1]


Marod married an Earthsoul genasi named Valandra who had manifested as an Airsoul. She bore him a son whom they named Cephas. Valandra later angered Marod and he tricked his champion gladiator (Azad) into killing her in the arena. Azad later escaped Calimport with Cephas. Corvus Nightfeather discovered Cephas' location and rescued him from Azad. He sent word to both Marod and the archmage el Jhotos that he had discovered the long lost heir of Calimport. Marod's vizar Shahrokh sent a troop of elite minotaur warriors to capture Cephas but they were defeated by Corvus and his allies. Later, Cephas and his friends were travelling through the Calim Desert when they were captured by Shahrokh and taken to Calimport. Marod reunited with Cephas and gave him a suite of rooms at the palace. Later, Cephas easily killed Marod and destroyed his palace and the arena.[1]


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