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Marrashi (plural marrash), or winged archers, were evil spirits used by sha'irs or genies on occasion. In return for their service, a marrashi demanded treasure or the freedom to spread contagion.[2]


Marrash possessed the body of a man with the wings and feet of a large bird. Their heads appeared like those of jackals. They spoke with a screeching voice.[2]


Marrash were deadly aerial combatants, capable of powerful bow attacks using their clawed feet. Their arrows were usually barbed or diseased. Victims effected by this disease usually perished.[2]

To spread their populations, marrash used special diseased taklif arrows that appeared to infect a target with the same deadly disease. Victims of these arrows died within one day if left untreated. The growing marrashi consumed the soul of the victim until they died. If buried, the corpse would slowly be transformed into a new marrashi within one week. The new marrashi often retained memories from the victim.[2]


The outer planes served as the natural home of these creatures, though they could be summoned anywhere by sha'irs and genies.[2]

Once summoned, a marrashi would attempt to increase their numbers in secrecy with the hopes that their offspring would avenge their servitude.[2]

A large body of marrash was employed by the yak folk of the World Pillar Mountains to help maintain control and order throughout their empire.[7]


These creatures had little effect on ecology unless their disease spread to populated areas. Their eternal war with the asuras sometimes spread between planes.[2]


Around −30,400 DR, gnoll shamans of Yeenoghu summoned marrash from the Barrens of Doom and Despair to spread a plague on the avian race of aearee.[4]