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Marune, usually known as the Masked, was a necromancer and the oldest living member of the Shadow Thieves and also the leading agent to their comeback in Waterdeep.[4]


Befitting a member of the Shadow Thieves, Marune had few distinguishing feature. He was average in both height and appearance, with a rotund build and non-descript gray beard. He wore the black robes preferred by many of those who chose to study necromancy.[4]


The aged necromancer was a particularly vicious man who was driven in great part by his petty thirst for vengeance. He took whatever actions were needed to ensure the continuation of the Shadow Thieves, regardless of the changes that occurred within its hierarchy or operations.[4]


Marune possessed great hatred for the Lords of Waterdeep and all members of the Arunsun family.[1][5]

He was served well by six individual will-o'-wisps.[1]


Early in his career Marune plundered a long-forgotten ruined tower in the Lost Peaks, and acquired the artifact known as Andrathath's mask.[4]

At some point before his expulsion from Waterdeep, Marune acquired Orjalun's Arbatel after slaying Arathur Harpell in a duel, but lost it shortly thereafter.[6]


Marune was born in the Year of the Black Buck, 1226 DR and achieved unnatural long life by magical means with Andrathath's Mask, saving him from undergoing the process of lichdom.[4]

Marune was one of the founding member of the Shadow Thieves of Waterdeep in the Year of the Raging Flame, 1255 DR,[7] serving as Shadowmage of the guild until their defeat and expulsion from the city in the Year of the Pointed Bone, 1298 DR.[4]

The aged mage retreated for nearly half a century until the Year of the Behir, 1342 DR, when he sold all of his assets and holdings in the cities of Luskan and Mirabar. No one knew that he had acquired the Book of Vauth, secluded himself within an underground lair at the base of Mount Helimbrar for over 30 years to study it in earnest.[4][8]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Marune returned to the Shadow Thieves to take back his power within the organization. For all appearances, he was designated as the Cloakmaster of Dessarin, reporting to the guild's Shade in Baldur's Gate. In reality his prestige granted him near complete autonomy from the Shadow Council.[1]



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