Masgar Lam was a general and the governor of the city of Foo Nakar in Koryo in the mid–14th century DR.


Masgar Lam was once a general under the command of Wanang Sun, and an old friend and battle companion of the man who would one day be king of Koryo. Later in life, Masgar was granted the governorship of Foo Nakar.

However, Masgar grew sickly and for a number of years depended on his daughter Pouri for assistance. Working at her father's side, she learned his administrative skills. When Masgar finally passed away, Pouri felt the time was not right to announce his death, and kept it a secret. For some seven months, she maintained the deception and good governance of Foo Nakar.

When King Wanang visited his friend's burial mound and discovered it already grown over, Pouri had to admit the truth. Impressed by her skill in governing and trusting his friend's judgement and skills, he named Pouri "First Emissary" of the city and engineered a means by which she could remain in control of the city.


Masgar's daughter was Pouri Lam, who for years ably assisted him in governing Foo Nakar.

He was also an old friend and companion of Wanang Sun, his military superior.


The governor's house was one of the largest in the city.[1]



It is unclear why Pouri should keep her father's death a secret. One possibility is political turmoil surrounding the abdication of the former king of Silla and Wanang's taking of the throne.