The Masked One was a Red Wizard of Thay and a necromancer in 1358 DR.


The Masked One was a powerful wizard who tried to change the interests of the School of Necromancy from the destruction of Rashemen to other goals. Due to this, he came into conflict with Zulkir Szass Tam, so he hid himself in his castle to do research. He also staged an apparent disaster in his spell laboratory, which reportedly weakened him and left him disfigured, thus becoming "the Masked One".

In truth, he was plotting how to ruin Tam. He created a spell capable of dissolving the person and subsuming the powers of anyone his most secret spell coukd envelop. He killed some Red Wizards, becoming very powerful.

When, in 1358 DR, the Time of Troubles started, the Masked One saw a unique occasion to gain a god's power. So he began secretly hunting the avatar of Hoar.

However the Overgod Ao sent Elminster Aumar to stop the Masked One.[1]




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