Maskyr's Eye (pronounced: /ˈmɑːskɪərMAH-skeer[1]) was the name given to a village and vale in the Vast in north Faerûn, located on the North Road between Mulmaster and Kurth.[1][2][3]


In the 7th century DR, the powerful archmage Maskyr came to explore the newly opened Vast, seeking a place to live in solitude. One morning in the Year of the Costly Gift, 645 DR, Maskyr came upon a wooded vale that he found quite beautiful, veiled in mountain mists and quiet. He decided to make his home there, and nowhere else.[2][4] Unfortunately, it was claimed by the dwarf kingdom of Roldilar. Maskyr gained an audience with Deep King Tuir Stonebeard and asked his price for the vale. Thinking to discourage him, Tuir offered the whole vale, from rim to rim and the earth below as deep as four men, at the cost that Maskyr pluck out his own right eye and give it to him, there and then. Maskyr did just that.[2][4][5]

Tuir kept the bargain and granted him the land. He also ordered that no dwarf trespass in the vale nor disturb the archmage. Maskyr then went and dwelled there, the vale becoming known as Maskyr's Eye.[2][4][5]

A small settlement of the same name soon arose in the vale. In the Year of the Bloody Crown, 649 DR, it was the site of the one of the last skirmishes of the fall of Roldilar, as the elven hero Beluar hunted down the last routed orc from the battle at Viperstongue Ford and slew him on the road outside the smithy.[6]

Maskyr lived peacefully alone for several centuries and eventually disappeared. The village, meanwhile, was still present by 1370 DR.[2][4]

The Wizard's Hand inn was established around 1290 DR.[6]


The village of Maskyr's Eye lay at the base of the Giantspike Mountains and Earthspur Mountains, beneath the Glacier of the White Worm.[1][2]

It was a small community, consisting of twenty main buildings. The primary trades were farming and the breeding of horses.[1][2]

However, Maskyr's Eye was home to what was probably the finest inn in the Vast and one of the best in Faerûn, The Wizard's Hand. It was, of course, named for Maskyr One-Eye, and was rivaled only by The Worried Wyvern in Sevenecho.[2][6]

There were no people of great power dwelling in Maskyr's Eye in the 1350s and 60s DR.[1][2]


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