The Masquerade were a mercenary company based in Waterdeep around 1358 DR. They were a company of professional spies and infiltrators.[1]


The first sign of the Masquerade was around 1343 DR. They had infiltrated many governments and several other mercenary companies in preparation for potential future jobs.[1] In truth, the Masquerade were the secret army of the Unseen, ready to be used at the right time.[2]


The Masquerade employed many human thieves and wizards but all kinds of races and classes were welcomed.[1]


They usually worked undercover to infiltrate the target. The Masquerade also used a large number of informants. The true Masquerade members had mental blocks implanted by a high-level psionicist. They usually only spied on or assassinated targets. The only kind mission in open battle that they accepted was to break sieges.[1]


The Masquerade took 100 gold pieces for a day adjusted to the difficulty of the task.[1]


Their leader was a doppelganger.[1]