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Mass charm monster, also simply known as mass charm,[5] was an enchantment spell that allowed the caster to forcefully befriend several creatures.[2]


Mass charm monster made several creatures, with no restriction on size or kind, view the caster as a trusted friend. The spell was hard to cast on someone with whom the caster was in a confrontational situation.[2]

As mentioned above, the spell's victims viewed the caster merely as a friend not a superior. The caster could not issue orders but everything the caster said was viewed by the targets in the most favorable light and they acted accordingly. However, the creature could not be made to act in ways that were contrary to its nature under any circumstances.[2]


Mass charm monster required only verbal components.[2]


Mass charm was developed by prolific Netherese mentalist Keonid in 2009 NY (−1850 DR) under the name Keonid's charm plus.[1][8]