Mass invisibility, originally known as Toscudlo’s bulk invisibility, was a powerful spell that could hide several creatures in a huge area.[2][3][4][6] Due to the amount of creatures it could hide, the spell was often used in battlefield scenarios.[4]


The mage had to cast the spell on another being, with the range dependent on the experience of the caster.[2][4]

Once enacted, the spell operated in a 180-foot by 180-foot (55-meter x 55-meter) area, and thus could make up to 400 regular sized humanoids invisible. If used on giants, it could hide up to forty of them, and if used on dragons, could hide up to eight of them. The invisibility area of the spell moved with the target, and any beings that fell outside the area would become visible until they made their way back in.[2][4][6]

Individuals could not see each other within the sphere.[2]


The spell required somatic, verbal, and material components. The material component was an eyelash encased in gum arabic.[2][4]


In −1463 DR, the spell was developed by Netherese arcanist Toscudlo. It was first called Toscudlo's bulk invisibility and was the last recorded spell invention until −1294 DR.[1]

Mass invisibility was used in places all over Toril, from Faerûn[7][8] to Zakhara.[9]


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