Master Etcheen's Chess Shop was a specialty store in Ravens Bluff during the mid-to-late 14th century DR. As the name let on, this store exclusively sold chess sets that were crafted by the kind master chess-player Marbol Etcheen.[1]


It stood on Moorland Ride in the Tentowers neighborhood.[1]


Inside, all the chess sets were put on display and laid out on glass, more like a jewellery store would. The beauty and craftsmanship on show made it worth looking around.

The store had guards who were themselves dressed to slightly resemble chess pieces.[1]


Marbol crafted exquisite chess pieces, usually carved from wood, but also of ivory and marble as well. For the common-folk, he was known to create cheaper pieces of clay that he painted. Meanwhile, the nobles of Ravens Bluff often commissioned Master Etcheen to craft custom family sets that they displayed in their homes and would likely pass down as heirlooms from generation to generation.[1]

Marbol was also always available for a game with a new customer.[1]



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