Master Mariners' Guild was a guild of Waterdeep that represented the interests of ship captains and merchant-fleet owners who were based in or often traveled to the City of Splendors.[1]


This guild listed as members ship captains, seafaring merchants, and fleet owners based in Waterdeep, or who often traded with Waterdeep. The Master Mariners' Guild represented the members' interests before the Lords' Court. It provided them with sailing and navigation training, maintained an emergency warehouse space, and provided lodging and a private bar for visiting members at the guild's headquarters, the Mariners' Hall.[1]

The guild's uniform was red hats with white plumes and red shoulder cloaks.[1]


As the members' ship captains sailed into Waterdeep's harbor, they were assigned a Guild pilot. The sign that the ship needed a guild pilot was it lowering all sails and running a red signal. The docking fees and pilot fees were waived for paying members and the pilot was always accompanied by a guard patrol. The City Guard always inspected the ship's crew and cargo once they entered the harbor to protect the city from hostile elements and illicit substances and activities.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

Mariners' Hall was located on Cedar Street, in the Dock Ward. The guild offered entrance to everyone who could afford to pay the 25 gp entrance fee. The members of the guild paid 10 gp a year.[1]


The main rival of the Master Mariners' Guild was the Order of Master Shipwrights, but the Master Mariners were forced to use their services because of their inability to maintain their own ship repair facilities.[1]


In 1377 DR, members of the Master Mariners' Guild either masterminded or were involved in a seeming assassination attempt on Piergeiron the Paladinson's wife-to-be Eidola of Neverwinter in order to break a trading agreement with her family who was in control of the Boareskyr Bridge and Waterdeep. The lady survived the assassination attempt but was abducted by mysterious basal golems. Jheldarr Boaldegg himself was present at the ceremony, and one of his lackeys, Terrance Decamber, was killed during the scuffle.[2]





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