The Master Wraith was a powerful undead wraith that lived in the Forest of Mir and fed on the souls of the living.[1]


Though it was a formidable opponent in combat and commanded a number of lesser undead, it could also use its shapechanging and telepathic abilities to psychologically weaken its prey, to persuade them to surrender.[1]


The wraith owned a Robe of the Good Archmagi, as well as a standard quarterstaff.[1]


The Master Wraith was destroyed in 1369 DR when it confronted Gorion's Ward in front of an old temple of Bhaal in the forest. It took on the deceased Gorion's form and accused his foster child of forgetting his teachings, asking them to willingly give up their life. When this plan failed, the Wraith and its minions were forced to attack head-on, and were destroyed in the ensuing combat.[1]



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