Mastering of Amahl V was the name given to a shoonring that was part of the treasure hoard of the great blue wyrm Iryklathagra.[1] It may have been one of the Qysari Rings made for members of the Shoon Dynasty.[note 1]


The name came from Qysara Shaani who offered the ring and many other treasures from the vaults of the Shoon Imperium to Iryklathagra in order to placate the dragon.[2]


This ring was reportedly a ring of efreeti calling which summoned an efreet just as a ring of djinni calling summoned a djinn.[1] If this ring had additional powers, they were not generally known.[note 2] If other powers were to be discovered, then this ring would certainly live up to the title of Qysari Ring.


This ring was attributed to Amahl Shoon V[2] but only one Mastering was generally known and it was made for his brother Amahl Shoon IV and was lost at the time of his death.[3] This ring was given to the blue wyrm Iryklathagra as part of a bargain made between the dragon and the scions of the Shoon Dynasty.[2]


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  1. The sourcebook Dragons of Faerûn states on page 20 that the mastering of Amahl V was part of her treasure hoard. It is unknown if the authors meant to say Amahl IV or if this is indeed another of the Qysari Rings.
  2. The source states only that it was a ring of efreeti calling, analogous to a ring of djinni calling


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