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A mastodon was an ancient relative of an elephant and the Mammoth that had a long pair of tusks. They were generally greater in length than those of modern elephants.[1][2][3]


Mastodons stood at about 10 ft (3 m) tall and weighted 4,000 lb (1,800 kg).[1] Though their attributes differed based on their natural habitat, they were generally longer in length and hairier than elephants.[2] Their tusks were up to 15 ft (4.6 m) long, meaning they could attack opponents from range. They were outstandingly strong, and were able to haul about 62,400 lb (28,300 kg) worth of cargo.[1]

Like other elephants and their ancestors, these rare animals were semi-intelligent.[2]


Such creatures were much more ferocious and aggressive than their elephant ancestors.[1]


Mastodons usually charged their opponents in combat, throwing their weight behind their attacks. Their foes were also met with a powerful set of tusks.[1]

Only very powerful druids were able to use these hulking beasts as animal companions.[1]


These huge animals could adapt to live in many types of environments, from tundra to tropical jungles. In the coldest environments, they grew long, shaggy fur, but lacked enlarged tusks. Mastodons often organized themselves into small groups and herds.[1]

Mastodons were fairly rare throughout Faerûn, but could sometimes be found in the company of frost giants.[4] They were more common to the far east of the continent, close to the boundary of Kara-Tur.[1]

Thayans were known to purchase ivory tusks of mastodons for about 500 gp each.[1] Only non-fossilized ivory was generally sold across Faerûn.[5]


Mastodons were once far more prevalent across Faerûn, found as far as Vaasa and Damara. Expansive civilizations drove them further to the east, even to the Hordelands, where they still existed by the mid–14th century DR. However, their population was known to be slowly decreasing.[1]


A mastodon could be summoned by the conjure animals spell.[6]


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