Matasuuri Unteki was the younger brother of the shogun of Wa around 1357 DR.[1]


Unteki was the daimyo of Iiso and one of the Three House daimyos, being so one of the most powerful man in Wa. Unteki was also one of the most hated. He was known in all Wa for his crazed edicts, like the one for honor the dead of his dog. However the land prospered thank to the bureaucrats send by Matasuuri Nagahide in Unteki's administration, Unteki not took care of public affairs. He was too busy producing and performing in kabuki and noh plays.[1]


Unteki was shaggy-haired, pencil-thin, neurotic, pompous, greedy, and ruthless. His politics were driven by paranoia rather than reason. Unteki was prone to wild mood swings; the song of a child sends him into giggling ecstasy, the sight of a dead fly reduced him to sobbing despair. However Unteki considered himself an artistic type.[1]



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