Matharic was a drow wraith in the Northdark in 1484 DR.[1]


Around 1384 DR, Matharic was a drow bandit who preyed on the Luruar region. During this raids, he acquired the Wand of Tir'Lien, an artifact.

Afterward, he and his minions attacked the Northdark area around Citadel Adbar but the dwarves managed to destroy the entirety of Matharic's band. However, after his death, Matharic rose as a wraith and continued to haunt his lair.

In 1484 DR, just after the start of the War of the Silver Marches, the dwarf mystic Axelcrantz sensed he needed the Wand so he hired a particular adventuring party to recover it.[2] The adventurers managed to destroyed Matharic and recover the magic item.[1]


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