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A matron mother, in matriarchal drow society, was the leader of a House. She was generally a cleric of Lolth and was often a high priestess.[1]


Matron mothers often thrived at the center of complex schemes of conspiracy and treachery, aiming both to further their own family's goals and the will of Lolth.[1]


At the peak of her power, a matron mother had access to extremely powerful clerical magic. It was not uncommon for matron mothers to wield tentacle rods that could slow down their opponents, as well as fear-inflicting demon staves. Additionally, they could summon yochlols to aid them in combat or to perform other tasks.[1]


Matron mothers commanded a vast network of demons, other drow, slaves, and all manner of spiders in order to keep their enemies in check. Their powers, however, were fickle, as Lolth could capriciously remove her favor as abrubtly as she bestowed it.[1]

Notable Matron Mothers