Mattias Farseer was a ranger and long-time companion of the wyvern Trill. He traveled for many years with the Kenku assassin Corvus Nightfeather and his Circus of Wonders. Corvus considers Mattias to be one of the best archers who ever lived.[1]


Mattias was born in north Faerûn and received an education at various schools in the Silver Marches. He decided to become a ranger rather than a scholar and was assisting villagers whose livestock were poached by a wyvern when he shot and killed the beast from a great distance. While walking through the forest later he came upon the wyvern's nest and the young fledgling. The little wyvern attacked him but he didn't kill it, instead preferring to subdue it with his bare hands. He was grieviously wounded in the battle but after he recovered he began feeding the baby wyvern. They became close friends and Mattias rode the wyvern in his act in Corvus' circus.[1]

Corvus traveled with Corvus and Cephas to Almraiven where he helped Cephas' and his friends escape the city. When the vizar of Almraiven sent a demon to track their group in the Plain of Stone Spiders, both Mattias and Trill stayed behind to fight the demon which bought Cephas' enough time to escape into the Calim Desert.[1]


Mattias rides his pet wyvern Trill. He carries a pair of enchanted silver canes crafted by the archmage Acham el Jhotos. The canes can be combined to form a mighty bow.


Mattias looks like a crippled old man but is capable of moving much faster than his infirmity should allow. He has much lighter skin than most living in southern Faerûn.



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