Maximanus Tholl was a Chondathan human male inhabitant of the city of Wheloon in Cormyr and a captain of the Purple Dragons contingent there.[1]


Maximanus Tholl was a warrior of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr. Although young and inexperienced, he rose to the rank of constal and became the captain of the 150-strong Purple Dragon contingent in Wheloon by 1374 DR.[1]

Early in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, a new temple of Mystra was constructed in Wheloon. Following reports of unusual lights and sounds there, the Purple Dragons made a cursory inspection. In early Eleint, Tunaster Dranik, a priest of Mystra, spoke to Constal Tholl about his suspicions about the temple, but he said he found no problem. Tunaster suspected that Maximanus was reluctant to delve deeper as Lord Sarp Redbeard enjoyed the revenue from the temple too much.[2]

When adventurers uncovered Sharran cultists operating in the temple instead, Tholl had his Purple Dragons conduct a more thorough investigation. He then escorted the adventurers to an audience with Lord Redbeard.[3]


Maximanus was young and inexperienced for his position, but he demonstrated his worth with a sharp wit and dedication to the good of Wheloon. What was good for Wheloon, however, was an occasional matter of contention between him and Redbeard. Tholl opposed Redbeard for his negligent taxation and lenience on smuggling. Regardless, he usually conceded with little complaint.[1]


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