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Enter the True World. Marvel at the jungle's lush greenery, the desert's shimmering sands, the birds' jewel-toned plumage, the people's gentle demeanor. Beware, though, the dark side of this beauty: the gods of this place are very much alive, and their troubles are the people's troubles.

Set in the countries first described in the Maztica trilogy of novels, this campaign set provides players and DMs with all the information necessary to recreate the storyline of Ironhelm, Viperhand, and Feathered Dragon, or to build a campaign of their own. Four new character classes, Eagle Knights, Jaguar Knights, plumaweavers, and hishnashapers, add to the mystique of Maztica. New magical spells and items, new deities, new proficiencies all add to the flavor of this setting loosely based on the Aztecs and Mayans of Central America.

This boxed campaign set includes:

  • A Journey to the True World, a 96-page player's book;
  • Maztica Alive!, a 64-page DM's book;
  • Gods and Battles, a 32-page book containing BATTLESYSTEM rules statistics for the Golden Legion and various Maztican armies, and profiles of the Maztican pantheon;
  • Four poster-size maps showing the True World and Cordell's voyage from the Sword Coast to Maztica's shores, as chronicled in Ironhelm.




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