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Mazzy Fentan was an intrepid halfling warrior, adventurer, and Truesword of Arvoreen. She was the closest thing to a halfling paladin of Arvoreen at a time in the 14th century DR when such a thing was entirely unheard of.[1][2]

"In Arvoreen's name it will be done."
— Mazzy


Mazzy was quite brave and dedicated to the protection of others. She was steadfast in her faith and believed righteousness would allow her to overcome the evils she faced.[1]

She daydreamed about such things as riding atop a white griffon as a paladin and traveling to such sites as Dragonspear Castle and the city of Waterdeep.[1]


Mazzy possessed divine-granted abilities similar to those of a paladin. She could lay on hands to heal others from their wounds, summon forth an innate physical strength within herself, and instill her allies with an unwavering sense of bravery.[1]


Fitting for her role as a divine warrior, Mazzy was gifted two weapons by her deity Arvoreen. A unique bow and an enchanted shortsword.[1]


Throughout their time together and even after his death, Mazzy was wholly in love with her adventuring companion Patrick.[1]

Even during her time as an adventurer Mazzy remained close with her family. As expected her mother Vara worried for her safety. She also had a sister named Pala.[1]

Beyond her family Mazzy had many friends across Amn. Among them were Vytari, the owner of a nearby pub, Ribald Barterman of the Adventurer Mart in Athkatla, and Samuel Thunderburp the great warrior of Highdale.[1]


Mazzy was born and raised in the Amnian town of Trademeet. As a young girl she dreamed of being a paladin in service to Arvoreen and admired the brave Sir Keldorn Firecam of the Order of the Radiant Heart.[1][2]

She eventually took up the adventuring life with Patrick and other halflings from Trademeet. In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, they were hired by Minister Lloyd of Imnesvale to seek out the town's missing protector Merella and investigate a number of recent deaths. The group found the ranger's journal and went forth to the nearby abandoned temple of Amaunator.[1]

Within the ruins they were ambushed by the malevolent being known as the Shade Lord and his shadow dragon Thaxll'ssillyia. Most of the group including Patrick were slain and transformed into twisted shadow versions of themselves. Perhaps most fortunately, Mazzy was merely imprisoned in order that she could replace the undead Merella as the Shade Lord's consort.[1]




Video Games
Baldur's Gate series (Shadows of AmnThrone of Bhaal)
Card Games
Magic: The Gathering (CLB)

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In the Baldur's Gate series of video games, Mazzy is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

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