Mbala was a town located atop a sheer plateau northwest of the Aldani Basin in Chult.


Unlike most towns in Chult, Mbala was located far inland and was more than 50 miles (80 km) from either the Soshenstar or Tath rivers.[1] The plateau that it lay upon was 1,800 feet tall and its base was surrounded by heaps of huge boulders.[2]


A narrow (roughly 5 feet wide) path wound around the plateau for three miles in total, including several switchbacks, effectively prohibiting an army from marching upon the high plateau. Climbing the plateau itself was a difficult prospect too, requiring both skill and the proper equipment.[2]


Mbala was once the seat of a small Chultan kingdom.[2]


At an unknown point, a green hag posing as a witch doctor calling herself Nanny Pu'pu slaughtered and ate all of Mbala's citizens until she was the only sentient resident left.[3]


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