Mead was a slightly sweet alcoholic beverage made of fermented honey. It was commonly brewed in the Northlands. Mead from the gardens of Neverwinter was available for purchase through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1]

Akabar took another swig of the drink Olive offered and made a face. "Is this a healing draught?" Olive shook the flask and giggled. "Some call it that. It's spiked honey mead. Last of my stock, too." Akabar felt his empty stomach rise, then settle. So much for the halfling's skill as a nurse.[4]


Mead was considerably rarer and more difficult to produce than wine, due to its slow fermentation and its sensitivity to temperature and the amount of yeast. When successfully brewed, it resulted in a delicate and sweet beverage.[1]

Notable MeadsEdit

  • The settlement of Good Mead produced a sweet mead that was available in other locations of Ten Towns such as Bryn Shander.[2]
  • Mead that was fermented from the honeybees living in the gardens of Neverwinter was considered by many to be the finest quality found in the North.[5]
  • Sparkling Evermead - a type of sparking mead that was often served at parties.[6]
  • Mead made from the honey of the flowers of Mount Celestia was rumored to enhance one's life span, but the exceptionally potent beverage was, of course, somewhat hard to obtain for mere mortals.[7]
  • Mead produced by the inhabitants of Arvandor was famous for its high quality and was always sought out by travelers.[8]


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