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Medechai was a medusa raised by the Baron of Blood, Artor Morlin, who then turned her into his chosen vampire spawn when she reached adulthood. She lived in the Fireplace Level beneath the North Ward of Waterdeep circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1]


Her skin was covered in scales similar to a yuan-ti and was the color of soil. Her face was hideous, and vampirism made her red eyes glow an even deeper shade of red. Her mouth did not exhibit fangs, but each of the lethargic snakes on her head had a pair that could deliver a vampire bite. She wore a tight-fitting emerald green chain shirt.[1]


Artor trained her to be an icy-blooded killer that went for the quick victory rather than toy with her prey. The only time she displayed emotion was when drinking blood—her snakes hissed and writhed in sinuous ecstasy. She had very little knowledge of the world outside of the Fireplace Level that was her home.[1]


Medechai had all the strengths and weaknesses of a vampire, but as Artor Morlin's chosen spawn, she was exceptionally strong and dexterous as long as he was not destroyed. In addition, her assassin training allowed her to cast spells such as invisibility, cat's grace, and true strike. She could still user her petrifying gaze, if necessary, and could fire her bow at point-blank range.[1]


Her armor was a +3 mithral chain shirt and she had a +2 buckler. Her melee weapon was known as Gravebite, a +1 ghost touch keen dagger, and her bow was called Thunderbolt, a +1 thundering composite shortbow.[1]

Her coffin was actually a large block of greenish-brown stone that was carved in the shape of a helmet, about 8 feet (2.4 meters) in diameter. She had her fellow spawn, Arrick Kaarvol, hollow out the area behind the eyes (using stone shape) and coat them in shiny mithral. The entrance to this hidden chamber were two small holes, one in each eyelid, that she could access while in gaseous form. The gigantic helm floated off the floor in a corner of Unger Farshal's storeroom.[1]


Her primary directive from Artor Morlin was to stay within the Ghost Cage that surrounded the Fireplace Level and guard against intruders on both the Prime Material plane and the Ethereal plane. She tended to lurk while interlopers searched her lair and then attack when they were less vigilant or weakened.[1]


Medechai hated Artor Morlin, but was bound to obey him until one of them was destroyed.[1]


Morlin found Medechai in the slave market of Skullport sometime around 1342 DR. He raised her from childhood, keeping her under his domination until she reached adulthood, then turned her into a vampire. She was kept mostly isolated from the outside world, but found the giant helmed head while wandering outside the Ghost Cage and brought it home to become her coffin.[1][note 1]



  1. The source describes this as the head of a fallen Walking Statue of Waterdeep, but as of 1372 DR no known statue had fallen and the scale of the artifact is too small, considering that the entire shop and residence of Thort's Findings fit inside the head of The Swordmaiden (see Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, p. 184). However, City of Splendors: Waterdeep describes the walking statues as "almost forty feet tall" (see p. 140) which is more reasonable to have a head and helmet 8 ft (2.4 m) in diameter.


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