The Meisarch was the highest-ranked member of the Council of Six, and later the Council of Five, the ruling body that governed the nation of Amn during the 14th and 15th centuries DR.[1][2] They were the speaker of both councils, its highest seat and undisputed authority in all collective decision-making.[3] By 1479 DR it was openly controlled by the noble House Selemchant.[2]


The Meisarch was responsible for the internal defense of the nation with regards to adventurers and mages. They closely observed the activities of unsanctioned adventurers and, by means of the Cowled Wizards, unlicensed arcane spellcasters.[4] With regards to the economy of Amn, they ensured that no one business, merchant family or other entity (including the council's own) created a monopoly in any trade or commercial enterprise.[3]

When issues that required an official vote came to the council and they arrived at an impasse, the Meisarch could cast a tie-breaking vote.[3]




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