Melabrauth, also known as the Jungle Empire, was the oldest dragon empire of Laerakond.[2]


There were no known settlements or roads in Melabrauth. Its many rivers were navigable but were infested by fierce and dangerous monsters.[1]


The only known inhabitants of Melabrauth were dragons and their dragonspawn servants. A few humans and dragonborn were allowed to live in Melabrauth, but only to serve as amusement for its dragon inhabitants.[1]


Melabrauth was ruled by Melauthaur the Undying One, a powerful dracolich. Melauthaur chose twenty dragons to be the "overdragons", dragon lords who ruled over their brethren and were tasked with the protection of the land. If an "overdragon" became reckless or ambitious, Melauthaur commanded other "overdragons" to kill it before that dragon could do anything. Otherwise, Melauthaur allowed his "overdragons" to pursue their own goals, which often included hunting humans and dragonborn for sport.[1]

After a dragonborn rebellion during the Wailing Years, Melabrauth forbade the "overdragons" to have dragonborn slaves.[1]

The Dusk Ports were a vassal state to Melabrauth.[1]


Melabrauth was a vast, wild jungle inhabited by savage monsters. Ruined stone piers slumped into the seas in natural harbors along its coast, and overgrown ruins laid deep in the jungle. These edifices were the only evidence that dragonborn and other humanoids once were a major part of the population in Melabrauth.[1]



During the Wailing Years, the dragonborn of Djerad Kusold took advantage of the chaos to get dragonbane amber, and started a rebellion that nearly killed a quarter of the dragon population of Melabrauth before Melauthaur intervened and destroyed the dragonborn fortress.[1]

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