Meld was a cooperative enchantment spell that allowed a priest to temporarily transfer his or her persona to another priest of the same faith who was willing to be a host for the caster's essence.[1]


This spell could only be cast on a willing priest of the same religion as the caster. After performing the 10 minute ritual, the caster's body slumped and became inert as the caster's essence joined with the host in a form of cooperative possession. For 12 hours, the caster and the host shared one body; the caster experiencing everything that the host experienced through all five senses. The caster and the host were able to communicate telepathically, but a thin sheet of lead between the caster and the host's body could break the bond and therefore the spell.[1]

At any time, the caster could take over the host, dominating him or her almost completely such that the caster's abilities, proficiencies, personality, and spells replaced those of the host; essentially becoming the caster controlling the host's body. As long as the necessary materials were on hand, the caster of meld could then cast any other spells he or she had previously memorized. The caster could return control to the host at any time with no ill effects to either personality.[1]

The host had to be a willing volunteer and a priest of the same deity to be the subject of this spell. If the intended host resisted at all, the spell fizzled. If the host successfully resisted being dominated by the caster, the spell ended. Any damage taken by the host also had the chance of breaking the connection and transmitting some light damage back to the caster. If the host should die, the caster had to survive the shock to his or her system or be instantly slain.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the caster had to supply a chalice worth at least 1,000 gp as a gift to the host, who could not return it to the caster for any reason.[1]



  1. This spell was moved from the Charm sphere to the All sphere by the Player's Option: Spells & Magic. See page 186.


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