Meld into stone was a transmutation spell that caused the caster and his or her gear to merge with stone.[2]


As mentioned above, meld into stone allowed the caster to meld with stone. This had a number of limitations. First, the caster could only carry up to 100 pounds (45 kg) with him or herself into the stone. Second, the caster was required to choose a stone that was at least as big to completely cover the caster for the one to meld with. Meeting these two conditions was crucial for the spell's success. Not meeting them caused the spell's magic to dissipate without causing anything.[2]

Even when the caster managed to meld inside a stone, the caster was not completely free. He or she was continuously glued with the stone's surface and while the caster could make this connection as small as possible, it was impossible for him or her to get rid of it.[2]

When the stone, inside which the caster was, was destroyed to the extent that it did not meet the aforementioned standard of covering the entire body anymore, the caster was shunted out of the stone, a process that caused physical harm to the caster.[2]

There were a number of spells that were simply dangerous to the caster of meld into stone while within a stone. For example, stone to flesh caused the meld into stone-caster to be shunted out of the stone while suffering physical harm. stone shape caused the one in the stone physical suffering but left him or her inside there, while passwall harmlessly shunted him or her out. The most dangerous spell to be used against the caster of meld into stone was transmute rock to mud. This spell shunted him or her out of the rock and it was potentially lethal to the one who was shunted out.[6]


Meld into stone required somatic and verbal components, but also a divine focus.[2]


Meld into stone was used in various areas by various people.


Cloak of stone, a cloak that gave the user the ability to use meld into stone, the construction also required the same spell.


Lith, a chaotic evil race of that could use the spell as often as they wanted.[7]

Maur, also called hunched giants, they could use the spell three times per day.[8]


Undermaster, a powerful spell that conferred among others the ability to innately cast meld into stone.[9]



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