Melder Crownrood was a noble in Cormyr and lord of the Crownrood noble house.[1]


Melder was the chancellor of King Foril Obarskyr I.[2]


Around 1479 DR, Manshoon tried to enslave his mind but Melder had a very efficient retinue of wizard bodyguards. However, using the diversion of killing one of Melder's wizards, Manshoon managed at last to enslave him.

During the fighting started by the apparition of a Blueflame ghost at the start of the Council of the Dragon Melder saved his life only because Manshoon possessed his mind.[1]

In 1480 DR Manshoon ordered him to gathered a meeting of Lords, amog them Naeryk Andolphyn, Relgadrar Loroun, and Danthalus Blacksilver, all Manshoon's mind thralls, to discuss the future of the kingdom.[2]


Melder was a treacherous and scheming individual. he plotted to destroy the Obarskyr and exiled old families like the Illances, the Crownsilvers, and the Huntcrown in order to become the new king.[1]


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