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Melf's minute meteors was a fire-based evocation spell.[1]

To Zakharan mages, always reluctant to acknowledge ajami names and accomplishments, the spell was known simply as minute meteors, and counted among the spells of the province of flame.[5]


The spell created six tiny meteors that orbited the caster for up to 10 minutes, until released upon a target or until the caster stopped concentrating. When released, the meteors exploded on impact.[1]

The effects of Melf's minute meteors could also be achieved by accident through the misuse of opals as components of magical items that evoked both fire and lightning.[6]


The spell needed somatic and verbal components, as well as niter, sulfur and a bead of pine tar for materials.[1]


Melf's minute meteors was a rare spell in the 1360s DR in both Faerûn[7] and Zakhara.[5][note 1]

Notable Uses[]

Minute meteors fired, yet somehow still missing, at point-blank range.

During the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, the false avatar of Selûne hurled minute meteors at Kyriani in the kitchen of Castle Waterdeep, but she was able to dodge them.[8]



  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.