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The Melshimber family (pronounced: /mɛlˈʃɪmbɜːrmel-SHIM-bur[1]) was a noble house of Waterdeep.[1]

Base of Operations[]

The family owned a villa in the Sea Ward, on the northwest corner of the Street of Whispers and Grimwald's Way.[3]


Deceased Members[]

  • Camaroon Melshimber[6]


In early 1370 DR, Rivven Melshimber married Devana Parrantine of Tilverton. The wedding ceremony was held in Waterdeep but was darkened by the bride's sister, Tryola Perrentine's disappearance. In reality, Tryola was captured by orcs of Horazak's a marauding group that was allied with drow who were plotting Waterdeep's downfall. Several months later, Tryola emerged from Undermountain, alive, traumatized, but not broken. The noblewoman was rescued by an agent of Khelben Arunsun.[5]

In 1371 DR, Lady Hlanta Melshimber was caught in a scandal after her bitter rival, Lady Hyara Talmost, perished under strange circumstances, right after Lady Melshimber publicly embarrassed Hyara by revealing some of the juicy details of the woman's youthful indiscretions. Hyara came back as a ghost and resumed the status of the family's matriarch and accused Hlanta Melshimber of treachery.[7]



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