Memnor was the giant deity of pride and control. He schemed to usurp Annam All-Father as the head of the Ordning, but was unsuccessful.[2]


Ancient depictions of Memnor often portrayed him as wearing a two-faced mask.[7]


Memnor was known to be charming, intelligent, cultured, subdued. His greatest flaw was his strong sense of pride, though he was also known to be deceitful and intensely cruel.[8] Many of the stories within giant society that recounted his exploits emphasized his charisma and manipulative nature.[7]


Back when he was but a child, Memnor's mischievous acts of "play" with his brother Grolantor led to a minor war between the Jotunbrud and the ogres. This incident was one of many things that ultimately led Annam to forbid his children from meddling in the affairs of the Material Plane's giants.[8]

When Annam eventually exiled himself from Gudheim, Memnor and Grolantor went and convinced their siblings Stronmaus and Hiatea that Annam's decree was no longer valid. From that day onward, Memnor and his brother would go on to continually meddle in the affairs of the mortal giants. At times their antics got so bad that Stronmaus and Hiatea felt they had no choice but to intervene and put an end to their games.[8]


Memnor's holy symbol was a thin black obelisk.[2]


Generally, giants who worshiped Memnor were of an evil alignment.[8] His most prevalent worshipers were cloud giants, though many within the race rejected him due to his deceitful nature. Benign cloud giants typically revered him for his charm, intellect, and persuasiveness. While those who leaned more towards evil were known to embrace his selfishness and imitate his trickster ways.[1]

After a priest of Memnor was accepted into the clergy of the Ordning by the Stormazîn, the god's own high priests would visit the initiate and subject them to a secret ceremony. During this ceremony they would be made to pledge to uphold the secrecy of Memnor's plans from the uninitiated and to aid him in whatever way they could.[9]

Priests of Memnor typically were well dressed and had a regal manner to them.[5] They often covertly communicated signals or warnings to each other by means of touching their left wrist with their right index finger.[8]

Priests of Memnor were known to be gifted the spells forget, suggestion, magic jar, and speak with wyvern. Those who reached the highest echelon of their faith were typically gifted a wyvern servant. They also received a leather necklace with a talon charm.[9] This special necklace allowed them to summon their wyvern servant to them three times per day.[10]


Those who worshiped Memnor believed that Annam had grown old and weak. They also viewed his incompetence as being largely at fault for the fall of Ostoria. Beyond that his followers valued cunning, secrecy, and the element of surprise over victory through mere brute force. They considered their highest duty to be safeguarding the secrecy of Memnor's scheme to one day overthrow Annam.[9]

Holy DaysEdit

Each year the clerics of Memnor would hold three feasts in his honor for the mainstream of giant society. They were also known to gather together with their wyverns every one hundred days atop crags. There they would discuss strategies and at times even receive orders from Memnor himself.[9]




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