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Mending was an arcane magic spell that repaired a single break or tear in an object.[2] There was a divine magic version that was granted to priests of Dugmaren Brightmantle.[12]


The spell could repair up to 1 ft (30.5 cm) of damage in an object, leaving no trace of the break or tear. It could also repair spelljammer hulls.[15] Although the spell could repair magic items and constructs, it was not capable of restoring magic to them.[2]

The divine version of mending could repair one object of about 1‑cubic-foot (0.028‑cubic-meter) in volume (bigger objects were possible for more experienced casters). Metal objects, like a ring or a dagger, could be fixed if they had only one break. Objects with multiple cuts, breaks, or pieces could only be repaired if they were made of lesser materials such as wood or ceramic. Repairs were permanent and "good as new", and could not be dispelled after ten minutes had past. Like the arcane version, this spell could not repair magic items.[12]


The spell required verbal, somatic and material components. Two lodestones were required as materials.[2] The material component for the divine version was either two small magnets (typically lodestones) or two burrs.[12]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Aksa the Destroyer in −2168 DR and was originally called Aksa's repair.[1]



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