The Menesankh, also known as the Plain of Life, was the name of a region that encompassed the southern shore of the Alamber Sea, in the Old Empires region.[1]


The Menesankh region extended in a crescent around the southern end of the Alamber Sea up to the north. In the western shore, the Menesankh extended up to Red Haven, in Unther,[1] while in the eastern end, it ended in the vicinity of Skuld, in Mulhorand.[4]

The lands of the Menesankh were fertile in extreme, thanks to being irrigated by many rivers, such as the River Alamber and the River of Swords. The Greenfields of the southern Old Empires were part of the Menesankh region.[1]


Before the foundation of Mulhorand and Unther, the Menesankh region was inhabited by Turami tribes that farmed the land for centuries until the arrival of the Mulan.[1] Since that time, and util the late years of the 14th century DR, the Menesankh became the southern extent of both Mulhorand[4] and Unther.[1]

During the Spellplague of 1385 DR, the Menesankh was devastated by the catastrophe, although it was not hit as hard as the northern regions of Methtir and Taranoth, although its northernmost region, around Dalath, was completely devastated.[2][5] After the Wailing Years, the Menesankh became part of both High Imaskar[6] and Tymanther.[2]

During the Second Sundering, in 1487 DR, the Mulhorandi rebellion toppled High Imaskar, and Mulhorand became a sovereign territory again, reclaiming their hold over their ancient lands.[7] Tymanther, however, was able to maintain almos all of the Menesankh region after winning the First Tymanther-Unther War, while Unther was only able to reclaims the small part of the territory in the vicinity of Unthalass.[8][3]

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As of 1491 DR:[7][3]




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