Mennek Ariz was a traitorous Red Wizard of Thay in Daggerford.[1]


Mennek, as an enchanter, greatly despised the preeminence of the necromancers over his land and secretly aligned with rebels who sought to overthrow Szass Tam and the necromancers from control of Thay.


Mennek was an enchanter in his home of Thay and secretly a member of the rebels known as the Thayan Resurrection. He volunteered for a mission to Daggerford. Here, Mennek tried to find an opportunity to turn his situation around and this opportunity arrived in the form of a pit fiend named Baazka. Baazka tried to possess him but failed. Mennek sensed the event and made a bargain with the pit fiend. Using Baazka's knowledge, he rose to prominence among his fellows in Bloodgate.

He helped adventurers sent by Sir Isteval to ruin some Red Wizard plots in Daggerford in 1485 DR.

In early 1486 DR, he was captured by Daggerford's militiamen thanks to information from Baazka through Shalendra Floshin. Mennek knew the pit fiend's plot and agreed. The goal of Mennek and his fellow rebels was to destroy Bloodgate Keep in order to show the weakness of Red Wizard necromancers.[1] He helped Baazka in his scheme to gain his freedom from the adventurers in exchange for fighting the lich Tarul Var but escaped from that battle[4]

However, tricked by the pit fiend, Mennek ended up transporting into the Doomvault, where Red Wizards brainwashed and charmed him into serving Szass Tam. Now one of Tam's most loyal followers, he was tasked with the custody of the Chosen of Ilmater, Kieren, until he met again the heroes of Daggerford.[5]



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