The Braeryn, nicknamed Stenchstreets, was the lowest, poorest, and most crowded district in the drow city of Menzoberranzan.[1]


The Braeryn's houses were full of escaped or disposed of slaves of many races especially orcs and goblinoids.[3] These were often termed "undercreatures."[2] Inhabitants often lived twenty to thirty per room, doing their business with no privacy whatsoever.[1]


A common sport for nobles was a Hunt through the Braeryn, in which nobles killed any undercreatures they saw. During this time, anybody on the street was denied entry for fear of risking the occupants of a building.[4] Trophies from the Hunt often included teeth, ears, and heads of the inhabitants, including drow.[5]


Circa 1363 DR, there was an outbreak of the pox in Menzoberranzan that hit the poor inhabitants of the city, especially in the Braeryn, particularly hard.[6]

In 1372 DR, a number of male drow began disappearing. Assigned to investigate, Pharaun Mizzrym and Ryld Argith began skulking around the poorer districts of Menzoberranzan. They found various graffiti of orcish and other tribal natures in the Braeryn.[7] They eventually sought the help of Smylla Nathos, a human sorceress and information broker in the Braeryn, to discover where to find the missing males.[8] It turned out that Syrzan the alhoon was uniting disillusioned drow males, driders, and the undercreatures of Menzoberranzan (inciting their anger through the "Prophet") in order to provoke an uprising against the city's priestesses.[9] Syrzan would then be able to come in and rule over the city himself. Pharaun and Ryld unraveled the plot, but not before the undercreatures started revolting then the "Call" was sounded, causing massive damage with their stonefire bombs.[10][7]

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In 1372 DR, there was a sausage and roll stand in the Braeryn run by a goblin. Pharaun gave him pointers.[11]

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