Meo Cha was a noble of the Meo family of Xai Chung in Koryo in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Meo Cha was the son of Meo Yungdo and brother of Meo Li.[1]


Meo Cha studied at the Do Jang of Won Kwang, a prestigious military academy in the city of Pyong Do. There he was educated and trained in the arts of war and the history and lore of Koryo.[1]


Meo Cha's father sent him to the Do Jang of Won Kwang at the age of 6.[1]

Around 1350 DR, the king of Silla ordered Meo Cha (then aged 19) and Meo Li to be kidnapped and sold into slavery. His reason remains unknown; it may have been for leverage against Yungdo, or in cruel revenge over some perceived offense. Meo Cha was visiting the city of Tu Pe when he was robbed and captured.[1][2]

Fortunately, Meo Cha and Meo Li were reunited and managed to escape. They stowed away on a ship that, rather than being bound for Xai Chung as they'd thought, was in fact part of the king's own secret invasion fleet, now underway for Kozakura. But a tsunami wrecked the whole armada and the siblings were lost at sea.[1]

Surviving the disaster, the Meo children were washed ashore, alive and well, in distant Shou Lung at Yu Tai Shuni. The dragon Mei Lung Cheng Shan found them and allowed them to live in his house, where he gladly heard tales of their homeland. He later related their stories to Elminster.[1]

Meo Cha and Meo Li eventually returned safely to Koryo, where the tyrant king had abdicated and their father became advisor to the new king, Wanang Sun.[1]



Meo Cha and Meo Li are the two narrators of the Koryo chapter of Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms, but their statements are "several years" out of date compared to the setting era of 1357 DR, so the precise dating is unclear.


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